Another show I’ve followed for years has wrapped up. I remember back in 2009 “Plurking” that I think Ted and The Mother are divorced and that he’s once again with Robin. I’m glad my guess was pretty close. And I’m glad they found a better way to close The Mother’s chapter in Ted’s life because I’ve come to like Tracy as this season went by.

There is a lot to improve on the execution. I guess that’s why the ending just doesn’t sit well with so many fans.

The finale was kinda disjointed and rushed after the dragging wedding weekend but, c’mon! How the story wraps up just makes sense. Except for Robin. There’s just no way to understand Robin. Ted himself described her perfectly a few seasons back, “It’s ROH~bin.”

I love how they were able to come up with the best possible “match” for The Barney Stinson. I mean, Robin’s ROH~bin, but she’s still just a “random skank”.

I’m going to miss Lily the most.

almost birthday post

It’s once again that week of the year. I don’t care about my age anymore, it’s stupid. But as a service to the Internet community, I just want clarify that I - or anyone turning 26 on March 22 - will not yet be in the late-twenties come Saturday. To illustrate:

As visualized, 26 is still in the orange area which represents the mid-twenties zone. I wouldn’t hit my late twenties for another eight months, guys. People turning 23 are closer to changing zones than us almost 26-year olds.

Get your facts straight, society.

My beautiful people sensors are top-notch

K: what’re you looking at?
M: I’m waiting for her to turn around to see if she’s pretty…
*girl turns around*
M: ah~!
K: that’s Roxanne Barcelo. How can she not be pretty?